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Allsteel Furniture

Looking for Allsteel Cubicles, seating, files from Allsteel? Allsteel defines quality based on what the customers wants and needs. They design products that help your employees work more comfortably, efficiently, and effectively, in an environment that inspires. Their products not only last, but will continue to look great and adapt to decades of use and reconfiguration.

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Haworth Furniture

Looking for used Haworth cubicles, seating, files? The first to become "Furniture for What's Next." It's durable, reliable and practical. Installation is quick. Reconfiguration is simple. It's tasteful, functional and affordable. Durability teamed with flexibility guarantees a quality investment that stretches your dollar. It's practicality in every aspect. UniGroup systems furniture.

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Steelcase Furniture

Steelcase began in 1912 as The Metal Office Furniture Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They received their first patent in 1914 for a steel wastebasket -- a major innovation at a time when straw wastebaskets were a major office fire hazard. That led to metal desks, and they led the way with product and service innovations ever since. Today, their portfolio of solutions address the three core elements of an office environment: steelcase cubicles, interior architecture, furniture and technology.

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Herman Miller Furniture

Herman Miller's partnerships with the world's leading industrial designers, buoyed by ceaseless, careful research and leading-edge manufacturing processes, produce innovative products for workers and their environments. Browse our seating, Herman Miller Cubicles, freestanding furniture, and office accessories.

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Kimball Furniture

Kimball's mixture of materials and warm woods present an elegant image. Cetra offers a solid sense of permanence in the open plan while allowing for rearrangement as needs change. Cetra supports integration of the complete range of Kimball Office Footprint storage, worksurfaces and accessories, increasing the value of your furniture investment.

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Paoli Furniture

When Paoli began production, the product line focused on seating for home use. In the early Seventies, management decided to enter the growing market for office chairs. At nearly the same moment, management made another key decision: Paoli would begin making desks and other wood office furniture. At the time, it was reasonable for management to believe that customers for office furniture would appreciate Paoli's combination of care and craftsmanship in every product shipped.

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Teknion Furniture

Today, the evolution of technology has shaped a new office environment – one that requires an intelligent approach to technology management, products that support new workstyles and furniture that adapts readily to change. Teknion products support the integration of people and technology, facilitate productivity and communication, and create flexible work environments that adapt to change as it occurs.

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