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Furniture Wholesale Group offers the largest possible selection of workstation designs and installation services in a wide range of configurations, sizes, and prices.

At Furniture Wholesale Group, we specialize in project management for offices of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need to remove your old furniture and install brand new pieces throughout your space, we recognize that careful planning and industry expertise make all the difference. Our staff of certified professionals is dedicated to providing a highly efficient, resourceful project management service that can carry your space from design and installation to a fully furnished and decorated environment.


Not sure what furniture options will work best in your office space? At Furniture Wholesale Group, we’re your premier experts for office design who can help you find the right colors, forms, and other aesthetic specifics to match your new office environment.

Space Planning

Looking to make the most of your office space? Furniture Wholesale Group can help you transform any area in your office into the perfect workspace, lounge area, conference room, break room, or otherwise.


Need help installing your new office furnishings? The trained and professional crew at Furniture Wholesale Group offers complete delivery and installation services to our customers in the Dallas, Texas area and beyond.  

Our full list of services includes:


Are you ready to join with us in a full-service customer experience? Give us your design, space requirements, and budget needs and we’ll search through our extensive toolkit of new and used office furniture to craft the perfect solution for your business. Then, our professional delivery and installation team will arrive at your location and begin the process of transforming your office into a brand new workspace.

Contact Furniture Wholesale Group today to learn more. We can’t wait to hear from you and get your project started!

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Are you ready to transform your office into a fully functional, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing workplace? The team at Furniture Wholesale Group is standing by and ready to help you choose, design, plan, and install your new or pre-owned office furniture in Dallas, Texas and around the nation.

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